Pit Bull 101: Myths and Facts

All animals are brilliant in their way, and the reason why we people treat them as pets is that we find comfort in them. I have several pets, but the one that has a special place in my heart is my dear pit bulls.

I believe pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood creatures. People often get scared at the sight of one which is a bit disappointing. That’s why I started this blog to extend awareness to people about how amazing pit bulls are as pets. Here are some myths and facts to get started:

Myth: Pit bulls are vicious.
Fact: The truth is, there are no dangerous dogs but only bad owners. Dogs should not be assessed by breed alone. Any dog can be vicious if it’s owner trains it to be so.

Myth: Pit bulls lock their jaws.
Fact: Pit bulls don’t have a physical trait that enables them to lock their jaw. They are not physiologically different than other dogs. The one things that keep them from biting down is their strong determination.

Myth: Pit bulls are not good family dogs and not safe for children.
Fact: This is discriminatory as pit bulls are brilliant pets for a family. They are trainable which can make them perfectly safe for children.

Every dog is distinct, and it doesn’t matter what breed. They may have different personalities according to whatever environment they grow in. These are just several things that a person should consider if ever they want to have a pit bull as a pet.

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