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      組 4.png

      標準配置·Standard Configuration 圖層 138 拷貝.png


      設備介紹 圖層 138 拷貝.png


      PRODUCT INTRODUCTION 圖層 138 拷貝.png

      HX500DK-K high speed multi-layer perforating machine is the latest new type perforating machine that we developed. The whole machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen panel, equipped with automatic skew adjustment system and automatic tension control system. With the advantage of it’s new type base, HX500D-K is not only more compact on height, but also more user-friendly and operates more steadily. “Easy to operate” and “Steady operation under high speed” is highlighted during the RND of this machine. Perfection tune for every detail of the product, we revise and add the pneumatic pressure knife, pneumatic rubber wheel, etc., and even more, equipped with the lasted developed “Japanese sun-machine type” page turning & swing device, the output of paper is smoother, and folding of the paper can be done automatically. Seal type dust removing device is optional for the better operation of the machine and reducing environmental pollution.

      主要技術參數·Specifications 圖層 138 拷貝.png