The Growing List Of Alternative Medicine For Dogs

Traditional veterinary medicine gains ground amid increased competition for natural healing methods.

Homeopathy as alternative medicine for dogs

Homeopathy and acupuncture are becoming popular to heal pets. They complement conventional medicine such as antibiotics for dogs. In some refectory, this method of treatment is being offered. It is believed that this therapy provides energy and increase healing to pets. Meditations and other alternative medicine for dogs are also provided to pets that require special attention.

Homeopath doctor offers courses to improve communication between masters and pets.The course will make you ask; “What my pets think? What ails them? How do they feel? What do they require? are the questions posed to potential customers. They will also be taught proper dog nutrition.

The therapist offers courses to communicate with animals and keep them healthy.

antibiotics for dogsPet associations such as Natural Healing Foundation offers in its series of lecture, ‘Complementary medicine for animals. Do I go to a healer or a veterinarian to heal my animal?".These lectures will explain the possibilities and limitations of naturopathic methods in veterinary.

The trend of the use of alternative methods to animal healing is expanding.

Academy of Naturopathic Medicine for Animals in Wald, in the mountainous area of Zurich, offers career veterinary homeopathy. They can attend courses or follow them at a distance.

Its program is divided into three fields: animal psychology, specialties of official medicine and homeopathy for animals.

In addition to homeopathy, alternative medicine for dogs includes reiki, healing massages, bio-resonance or acupuncture for the physical and spiritual health of pets. The offer is aimed mainly dogs and cats.

Market research institute estimates that there are around half a million dogs in Switzerland. That is almost one dog for every 15 inhabitants. For the domestic feline population, figures are around the same amount.

Unequivocally a trend in the use of alternative healing methods observed. The full range of naturopathic treatments for humans is also offered for the animals. In this, there are trained veterinarians in acupuncture and homeopathy and traditional dishes complemented with certain therapeutic methods.

The success of drugs

Not only the supply of alternative methods for animals is popular, but also the use of mainstream drugs such as antibiotics for dogs.

For example, they are prescribed psychotropic drugs similar remedies as support therapies behavioral disturbances. Animals are taken more and more frequently to the vet. They are healthier, and their life expectancy is extended, " explains Andreas Bühlmann of Novartis Animal Health section of the consortium. That sector of the Swiss multinational profits obtained in 2003 by 890 million francs. However, remedies for pets only recorded weak growth. The best sellers are prepared to dogs.

Arthritis treatments

It is observed that animal owners are willing to spend more on their pets and that the relationship between humans and animals is strengthened. With this closer relationship, owners tend to spend more for dog nutrition than ever before.

The more expanded treatment sector is related to arthritis. But the physical conditions of the animals are not the only ones that can be treated with medicines, also psychic. Four or five years ago a strong interest in psychoactive drugs similar to registered drugs, but the phenomenon has diminished.

As indicated by the head of Novartis Animal Health, the use of psychotropic drugs prescribed for animals, especially in cases of behavioral problems. For example, these remedies are given to dogs that destroy furniture and wet inside the apartment, when his master left alone.There are recognized for veterinarians in the field of Behavioral Medicine vocational training.

In his view, these distortions should be analyzed comprehensively, and veterinarians would be a good reference point for addressing the issue. Part of the origin of these disturbances of animal behavior would be attributed to the behavior of the master and the environment of the pet. Also, animals are suffering from psychic disturbances of birth, caused by race or family coming.

Pit Bull 101: Myths and Facts

All animals are brilliant in their way, and the reason why we people treat them as pets is that we find comfort in them. I have several pets, but the one that has a special place in my heart is my dear pit bulls.

I believe pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood creatures. People often get scared at the sight of one which is a bit disappointing. That"s why I started this blog to extend awareness to people about how amazing pit bulls are as pets. Here are some myths and facts to get started:

Myth: Pit bulls are vicious.
Fact: The truth is, there are no dangerous dogs but only bad owners. Dogs should not be assessed by breed alone. Any dog can be vicious if it"s owner trains it to be so.

Myth: Pit bulls lock their jaws.
Fact: Pit bulls don"t have a physical trait that enables them to lock their jaw. They are not physiologically different than other dogs. The one things that keep them from biting down is their strong determination.

Myth: Pit bulls are not good family dogs and not safe for children.
Fact: This is discriminatory as pit bulls are brilliant pets for a family. They are trainable which can make them perfectly safe for children.

Every dog is distinct, and it doesn"t matter what breed. They may have different personalities according to whatever environment they grow in. These are just several things that a person should consider if ever they want to have a pit bull as a pet.

If you want to gain more knowledge about pit bulls and other things about domestic animals, stay tuned to my site for more updates about pet care. You can subscribe easily by filling up the form on the sidebar to get notified of any new posts.

Thanks for reading!